VR Tour Statistics You Need to Know Before Visiting Barcelona


Virtual imaging and digital photography have advanced to a stage where access to new businesses has increased by folds. So are the virtual tours and tourisms. Below are listed a few important statistics that will help you understand the true power of this technology before you opt to visit Barcelona with the VR Tour.

VR Tours Helps the Customer Stay Glued to the Website

This is an industry that has risen unanimously. The VR Tour operators have increased traffic to about five million visits in 3 days. These tour operators can help their tourists stay glued to the screens because these experiences are very engaging and can spark instant interest. These are the traits that are very critical for any customer to finalize their purchase decision for the tours.

More People Want VR Tours Now

More people now want them because this is a trend that is sparking up on almost every website. And hence, they want more of the websites to come up with these tours. With shifting changes, more people are more comfortable sitting back online and experiencing the same thing otherwise for which they had to step out. The convenience and the details in VR Tours are much higher than the physical tours.

18-34-Year-Olds Prefer Booking VR Tours

Generations are shifting and so are the preferences. The same is changing for the millennials. They are preferring more to book hotels, tours, trips, or even use their services if they can provide them with a VR Tour beforehand.

VR Tours Enhance Businesses to Get Listed Online

The more the VR Tours a company offers for a place, the more it is likely to get appearances on organic searches on Google as well as in Maps. Hence, it is the first method to attract customers.

A rise in Customer Engagements

Customers are more attracted to service that have a brand name associated with it. And interactive VR Tours directly gets higher business listings on Google and might attain funding from them too. This helps to build higher engagement, resulting in sales conversion for the tour company. These help them to expose more and gain fame and that is what tourists are fond of these days.

Barcelonian VR Barcelona tours are the services that will help you gain a preliminary insight on what your actual tour can be and will drive you to discover the city closely.

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