The 5 Most Attractive Diving Spots in Labuan Bajo


A tranquil fishing village in the Flores region, especially Labuan Bajo, is a new and thriving tourist centre in the Indonesian archipelago. It is the port of contact for marine sports fans to research exotic beaches, also freeze-frame the stunning vistas. No longer than a trip away from Komodo, the property of the living dragons, the town buzzes as a hub of unending activities for marine sports, island-hopping adventure, lush green forests, as well as for shutterbugs in quest of rolling topography, perfect for the most effective panoramic vistas from the tropics.

For devoted lovers of snorkelling and scuba diving, this boomtown from the sea is the first port of call for a trip to detect exotic underwater beauty enclosing the Komodo National Park.  From over 35 sites researched, the planet’s most enchanting diving spot in the Southern Hemisphere, our top five are recorded here, with each one brimming with colourful corals and spectacular invertebrates.

  • Manta Point

There are numerous websites where you can dive with manta rays in the neighborhood of the Komodo National Park. Manta Point at Komodo, Labuan Bajo is the perfect place to view manta sting ray at their actual habitat, and it will be an enjoyable activity. You’re able to observe those manta rays drift in many directions and open their mouths to consume many kinds of plankton in enormous numbers. Although the Manta ray is a massive creature, it isn’t dangerous. So, you may swim with this fish. But you may not touch this manta with your bare hands, you’re permitted to see them. It’s because those manta stingrays’ bodies are covered by mucus that is functioned to protect its body. If you get this mucus layer, it will damage the manta stingray.

Besides swimming with Manta rays at the Manta Point at Komodo, you can also do some snorkeling since this place also offers the most stunning underwater creatures such as coral reefs and gorgeous fish sea creatures. To reach manta point, it’s possible to use a speed vessel or a touring boat charter in Labuan Bajo or combine with some trip to research several small islands like Komodo island, Rinca island, Padar, Kanawa, and Bidadari island for biking or snorkeling.

  • Batu Tiga

Located northeast of Tanjung Kuning at the Linta strait, this place is, without doubt, one of the best spots in Komodo. A huge boulder reef provides excellent habitats for grouper, mantas, giant kingfish, and other aquatic dwellers. But, powerful prevailing currents have stunted the majority of the coral development.

  • Siaba Kecil

Approximately 28 kilometers from Labuan Bajothis drift dip runs through canyons 15-30 metres deep and also offers an array of fantastic coral gardens. Highlights: large pelagic fish, sharks, barracudas, colleges of sweet lips, turtles, in addition to the rare mandarin fish. The coral reefs are heaven for macro-lens outfitted shutterbugs.

  • Tatawa Kecil

This most appealing dip website offers fantastic snorkelling whenever the present isn’t too quick. Your best alternative is the western aspect, which includes caves plus gorgeous coral gardens from the shallows. Coral reef fishes, grouper, snappers, jacks, and sharks are seen here.

  • Pink Beach

This is the most-frequently visited website in the playground for snorkelling.  Attractions include the Spanish warrior to emphasize a night dive and a variety of relatively tame fish. Included these are the leaf scorpion fish, blue ribbon eels, and crocodile fish. The finest diving is during an ebbing tide.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Labuan Bajo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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