Sumatra: An Untouched Paradise Filled with Adventure


Unlike its neighbouring islands Indonesia or Java, Sumatra does not attract lots of vacationers although precisely what came me for that island, it’s confusing why. It is the largest island in Indonesia and offers plenty to provide jungles, orangutangs, tigers, volcanos, waterfalls,… Briefly: an untouched paradise filled with adventure!

Gunung Leuser Park

Where one can the orangutang along with the Sumatran tiger, Gunung Leuser Park is a good spot for any jungle trekking. You shouldn’t be disappointed that you simply – probably – will not visit whichever tigers though, as my guide described nobody ever sees one and it also would certainly work as last factor you’d ever lay eyes on anyway.

Departing early from Bukit Lawang, it did not last extended before i used to be encircled by orangutangs and Thomas Leaf apes climbing the trees. It had been amazing to discover exactly how the guide understood the easiest method to behave around each orang tang, as they all have their unique characteristics and most of them like stealing bags!


This peaceful village inside the border within the Gunung Leuser Park really stole me. There’s plenty to complete here washing tigers, river tubing, swimming within the waterfalls,… all of this being encircled using the beautiful tropical forest. An ideal place to activate with nature.

Although Indonesians are particularly friendly lots of people, this is often undoubtably where you’ll match the most kindhearted people ever. Always prepared to help and keen to inform you regarding culture, the guides can perform something to create your stay truly wonderful.


Also, tigers are perfect creatures and If perhaps to discover their whereabouts happy. I am no expert however i shall we be held saw happy elephant faces in Tangkahan.

Sibayak Volcano, Berastagi

Mount Sibayak is just one of Indonesia’s active volcanos along with the view hiking around its crater is astonishing. Whenever you climb to the top level, the odor of sulphur could possibly get more efficient and you will find steaming vents with yellow coloured rocks throughout.

Funnily, once i was applying sunscreen my guide requested my why on the planet I had been covering myself by using this white-colored-colored-colored cream constantly. He first examined me in shock, then began laughing uncontrollably after i pointed out I’d turn red basically did not.

Samosir island, Lake Toba

A very beautiful by getting a tropical! You won’t just find beautiful landscapes here, Samosir can also be where one can the Batak people, a vintage tribe which will happily educate you regarding culture. Employing their traditional dances, colourful ensembles and beautiful houses decorated with geometrical designs, their culture will astound you.

Banda Aceh

I had been somewhat reluctant initially to place Banda Aceh within my set of favourite destinations in Sumatra nonetheless the culture shock I experienced there along with the tsunami continues to be the town holds switched my visit into a memorable experience. Eventually during this city, as being a transit indicate Pulau Weh, was enough though!

Being controlled by strict Sharia law, this destination isn’t for everybody but if you decide to visit, it’ll surely lead you to in awe.

Banda Aceh was hit using the tsunami in 2004 very badly along with the impact it’d across the city remains visible. There is a unusual sight of motorboats in the middle of the town or on the top of the house, left untouched as being a memorial here. The Tsunami Museum provides an insight for that horrifying possess the people suffered that is worth visiting too.

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