Places to Wine and Dine in Orlando – Know Where to Go and What You Get



Orlando is one of the many vacation destinations that have become the most opted ones in Florida. It is famous for many options for both elders and kids, and hence many families enjoy visiting the place during their vacation times. 

When in Orlando, you must look for the best Orlando hotels to book a room or two or even a vacation rental for your stay there. You can do so by visiting the OrlandoEscape website. It is a one-stop destination for you to learn more about the available accommodation options for you. Visit the blog page to know more. 

Here are some of the hotels and accommodation facilities that are the most preferred by many tourists today. 

International Drive 

International drive hotels are best known for offering many things such as shopping stops, fantastic restaurants, famous theme parks, attractions, etc., to the visitors. the restaurants will guarantee to serve you tasty and exclusive cuisines of Orlando. 


Lucciano is a very famous ice cream joint that is family-owned. You can enjoy gelato, ice pops, etc., belonging to hundreds of designs and flavors here. The flavors that you must try are Strawberry cone, Cheesecake, Dulce de leche, Italian dessert ice creams, Coco Rock, and so on. 

Café Tu Tu Tango 

This is a decades-old restaurant in Orlando and is known for introducing tourism, art, food, and fun to the place. The small plates menu with tapas-style will surely make your taste buds go crazy with the dishes here. 

Universal Studios Area 

This is the place where you can find many hotels and Orlando restaurants very close to Universal Studios. Every restaurant located here will guarantee to serve everything that you are looking for under one roof. You can enjoy many things that are located within walkable distance here. 

The Escobar Kitchen 

Are you into the fusion of Asian and Latin cuisines? If yes, then The Escobar Kitchen is for you. As the name says, you can enjoy many delicacies and dishes belonging to both Italian and Asian origins here. 

Thai Express 

Every Thai lover will surely enjoy tasty Thai dishes in the Thai Express. It is located very close to some must-visit destinations and you can taste many dishes that belong to Thai origin here. 

Dragonfly Robata 

Are you not in the mood to visit any restaurants? If yes, then you can place an order for your favorite dishes in this restaurant. All you have to do is fill in some blanks and your food will reach you within a few minutes. You can even book an event in this place. 

Downtown Orlando 

As the name says, this is the place where you can enjoy downtown features in Orlando. You can enjoy wining and dining while watching people enjoying their time in the nearby swan lake. You can even book a paddleboard and have a trip around the lake, after your meals. 

You can find many places that serve the best gelato in Orlando. Know about the restaurants and their dishes and book a table. Many restaurants are famous for exclusive cuisines and you can find one that serves all your favorite cuisines in one place.

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