Gushing waterfalls and exotic beaches of Malang will enthrall you


Many have heard about tropical beaches of Bali, the concrete jungle of Surabaya, Jakarta, or even about magical TanaTorja. Malang situated on east java offers unique things which is not expected from an unfamiliar destination. From exquisite beaches to amusement parks, you will find everything in this quiet town. Malang`s prosperous and varied landscape is decorated with numerous magnificent waterfalls gushing out from the regal cliff. A myriad of falls with their spraying mist of water creates a splendor that bewitches you. Madakaripuea waterfall is the tallest in the Java region. If you have a brave heart, try cliff jumping from CobanTundo.

The contact

The travel agent whom you have hired guarantees you get a room in Hotel Malang when you arrive there. He manages your transportation smoothly from the airport to the hotel. From the internet, you can gather information about Malang, but the local travel agent has in-depth knowledge about the topography, local culture, tradition, and gives you a personal recommendation. He can seamlessly plan a trip, which you are intently looking for. Without local knowledge, this is not possible for you. They know and have good contact with suppliers and hotel management, from private five stars resorts to mediocre hotels.


When you hire a travel agent, you both save time and money. Renowned and large network-based travel agents can provide you a discount on hotel tariff and airfare, which you can not avail of your own effort. They can also offer special promotions like complimentary spa service, room up-gradation, travel service from and to the airport, and so on.

The fees they charge for their service and competence is reasonable, and when you add the perks, they offer the charge seems meager to the service they provide.

The plan

They plan your trip from your hometown until the time you come back to your native place. If you have any complicatedness due to unexpected delays owing to weather conditions or another factor, you can contact them. They will make the necessary changes in the trip plan and assist you in every possible way. One quick call can solve many problems, as they can arrange for an alternative flight.


Malang has some most lovely beaches and natural exquisiteness. The SegaraAnakan Lagoon is a paradise surrounded by luxuriant mountains and turquoise water. The Lagoon is placid and beautiful, making it perfectly safe to swim around in those clear blue waters. Those breathtaking beaches, adventurous hikes, sweeping vista will mesmerize, spellbound you making the trip memorable and unforgettable.

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