Feeding Pizza to a Big Group: How to Get your Order Right


If you have a big crowd to feed for your upcoming event, you have two options. You can try to cook for all of them. If your guests are willing to pay, you can go to the nearest restaurant everyone can agree on. However, neither of these are viable, so should you do?

Often, the best solution is to order pizza for the group. Pizza is the most universally appealing choice that fits a wide range of tastes and preferences. Regardless of the number of people you must feed, pizza can often be customized to fit everyone. Plus, Double Pizza online ordering is available and the pizza place delivers straight to your door. Therefore, you do not need to miss a moment of your get-together. But, ordering pizza for a crowd comes with its unique challenges. You must consider how much pizza you need for the group, the kind of toppings to pick, and how to save money on your order. Here are some tips to make sure your you order the perfect pizza for the entire group:

Call in Advance

If you are ordering more than two boxes of pizza, you must give the pizza joint enough time to prepare. This way, they don’t end up dedicating their entire kitchen to prepare your order and say no to other customers. Also, this ensures the restaurant will not run out of ingredients. Consider calling a few days before you need the pizza, so the restaurant can order extra supplies when necessary. Inform them of the time you want your order delivered. Also, ask them to call and confirm the order the morning of the event.

Think about the Number of Pizzas to Purchase

You want enough boxes of pizza to satisfy everyone at your party. This includes considering the number of people who will be attending the event, the number of kids, the number of those who will eat just a slice, and the number of guests who will consume more than one piece. 

To calculate the right amount of pizzas to order, think that the average medium-sized pizza is usually cut into eight slices. therefore, every slice is made of 1/8 pizza that you must multiply by three to an average hungry person. So, you must multiply the number of guests by 3/8 to come up with the total amount of pizza you must order for your party. Keep in mind also that teenagers who have large appetites may eat four pizzas per person, so make necessary adjustments.

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