Basics You Need To Know About The Raw Format


What is Camera RAW and Why Should You Use It

Surely, you have ever come across photographic terms that you did not know so far. For example, when you’re thinking about buying an SLR camera or digital heard about the format RAW.

If you are starting in this world and still do not know exactly what it is, you should stay with us. Here, we will explain everything you need about the RAW Format.

What Is The Raw Format, And How Does It Work?

Raw is a format that is included in DSLR cameras, which is different from the well-known JPG format. It is a digital file and what it does is store all the image data that you have captured through the lens of your camera.

Normally, we use JPG, but what happens is that this is a compressed file. However, the raw does not apply any understanding, so all the data in your photo will be stored for later use. It is important to take advantage of this collection of information, as it is very useful for an editing process. If we photograph in RAW, our sensor will have more freedom when processing our photos. Visit

Some Fundamental Aspects Of A RAW File

  • It is not an image file. For this reason, you need a program that allows you to view its content, although you do not have to worry because it is very easy to get the software.
  • It is possible to save at least 8 bits per color, red, green and blue. Although SLR cameras work by storing 12 bits per color.
  • Because it is a format that does not compress the images, you will have an 8 MB Raw file.
  • Store all the data you capture through your camera’s sensor.
  • It allows shades and highlights to be captured in the photos.
  • Produces photos with lower contrast.
  • Note that it is less sharp.
  • It is not possible to print the photos directly from the camera before you have to do the post-processing.
  • This is a read-only file, so the changes you make will be stored in another file.

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