All you need to know about A2 English Test


The A2 English test is a basic level exam to test the candidates for their English proficiency. This test is taken by the candidates who are willing to extend their stay in the UK also known as the spousal visa. This test can also be availed by the parents of EEA citizens. Based on the candidate’s performance the results are measured by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). According to the new rule, the non-EEA partners of the residents of the UK mandatorily have to apply and attend the A2 English Test. It is a basis to measure the level of English the candidate can use to express their thoughts into words.

Preparation for the test

The candidates can take various online tests available that will improve their fluency gradually. The exam consists of an assessment of speaking and listening skills of the candidates. Therefore, they can practice speaking English by reading newspapers aloud or making a conversation with their neighbours. Understanding the word and proper use of it in sentences will be evaluated. For a clear pronunciation of the words, they can refer to the dictionary and repeat it until they get it right. For the preparation of listening skills, they can try to find online sources that can give them audio content to listen and answer a few questions. Practicing will help the candidate to effectively present it to the examiner.

Booking for the test

To register your slot for the A2 English test the candidate has to visit the official website and follow the necessary steps to complete the registration. The candidates can also select their preferred location and date on which they are willing to appear for the same. The booking fee will be 200.00 GBP. You can look through the available dates and select accordingly.

Test pattern

The name of the exam is the GESE Grade 3 exam or commonly known as CEFR A2. The candidates must have also passed SELT that is, Secure English Language Test. It is the UKVI approved test for all the citizens who come to the UK and are dependent on their children or spouses who are the permanent residents for visas.

The duration of the test is 7 minutes long, the candidates will be evaluated according to their speaking and listening skills. The candidates can practice for such tests in the manner mentioned above. The results will be announced provisionally within the same day. The assessment is strictly based on the candidate’s speaking and listening skills. The certificate of your proficiency will be provided to them within 7 days.

This test is an evaluation to make sure whether the candidates have at least the understanding of a 3-4th grade student’s English language. This is a measure to test if the candidate will be able to make basic conversations during their stay. So, if you are willing to attend the exam follow the steps above and make sure to clear it to extend your stay in the UK.

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