A Journey to Uniqueness: Hong Kong


A trip to Hong Kong is an odyssey in time, a dive into the heart of a multicultural world and a mythical bay, at the crossroads of Chinese and British influences where Hong Kong is neither quite the same nor quite another. Young, cosmopolitan, bubbling, this piece of land, at once tiny and sprawling, is all in contrasts. Here the English three-piece suit rubs against the bag of the Chinese housewife, the big names in international cuisine coexist with the Dai Pa Dong, the Night Market gives way to luxury malls, the white sandy beaches rub shoulders with the skyscrapers shaping a landscape one of the most remarkable urban areas on the planet.

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A View of a Unique City

Futuristic architecture, busy streets and old Chinatowns, delicious Hong Kong gastronomy from all over China, art, designthe identity of the dragon is rich, complex and fascinating because it is constantly changing. Start your tour with Central and its dizzying skyscrapers take the funicular to Victoria Peak for an overview. Take the Kowloon Peninsula by ferry to explore Nathan Road, wander the markets and stroll the waterfront while admiring the skyline of Hong Kong Island.

Things to Discover Here

Discover “Ocean Park Hong Kong”, one of the largest aquariums in the world, its attractions, its rides, its pandas and its breathtaking view. An excursion to Lantau, the largest island in the archipelago, completes your trip Hong Kong in an unexpected nature. Here you are, plunging into its delicious waters and contemplating the largest lotus-sitting Buddha in the world, at the Po Lin Monastery, far from the bustle of the city.

Pearl of Orients

Hong Kong is called the “Pearl of Orients”. Although Cantonese is the main language used in Hong Kong, many people also speak English, which is considered one of the official languages. Hong Kong is unique. The city with its rich traditional customs and values stays ever famous. As one of the major economies based on trade, Hong Kong is recognized worldwide for its free trade economy, which is characterized by low tax rates and minimal government intervention.

  • Hong Kong offers nature lovers a wide range of hiking trails and beaches, not far from the city’s crowded streets. There are also popular theme parks such as Ocean Park and the Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong.
  • To explore the traditional way of life in Hong Kong, visit Wong Tai Sin Temple or stroll through various street markets, including Temple Street Night Market or Ladies’ Market.

Hong Kong is considered a paradise for lovers of good food. Its restaurants offer a wide range of gourmet dishes, which highlight both international cuisine and regional Chinese specialties such as dim sum or treats such as egg tarts and milk tea typical of Hong Kong.

Last Words

The best way to make sure your trip will be the experience of a lifetime is to plan it well. Take a look at our travel checklist to determine what you should know or do before you travel and work in a foreign country.

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